6 Tips for Green Plumbing

Updated on Wednesday 23rd November 2016

6 Tips for Green Plumbing Image
Our plumbers in London respect the environment and always stay updated with the latest ecofriendly technologies in plumbing in order to help preserve the Earth, maintain a good health and save you money in the same time! Here are six tips for green plumbing which should help make your home or office a bit greener.

1.    Install a water filtration system in London

Water filtration systems can be installed in your entire home or office. They are able to get rid of chemicals in the water, as well as particles and microorganisms that could be found in it. This can help you keep healthy and prolong the life of your hot water heaters. Before doing so, our London plumbing professionals advise you to have your water tested by an expert. There are different purification and filtrations systems available, so it is better to know beforehand which one is most appropriate for your particular type of water.

2.    Use tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters need less energy than traditional water heaters with tanks. They have a longer life span of 10 years than usual water heaters with tanks, occupying less space and being able to supply a continuous flow of hot water, since they are not limited by the tank size. 

3.    Acquire low-flush toilets in London

Low flush toilets limit the usage of water, saving you around 106 l of water for each person daily, being a great green plumbing idea

4.    Use eco-friendly unclogging solutions

When unclogging a sink or drain, avoid utilizing chemicals. There can be safer methods to unclog drains or sinks, like biological solutions, taking out the u-bend to eliminate the clog or, for more difficult clogs and blockages, having a plumber in London take care of the job.

5.    Get low-flow faucets and showers

Low-flow faucets and showers can diminish the water consumption on a property with up to 60%. Less hot water usage helps maintain the environment. Plus, they save a lot of money on your water bills!

6.    Energy efficient appliances

It might be a great green plumbing tip to replace outdated appliances with energy efficient ones. For example, washing machines and dishwashers that have an Energy Star rating can decrease the usage of water with more than 50%.

For more green plumbing ideas, please get in touch with our plumbers in London.
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