5 Ways to Check if Your Pipes Are Damaged

Updated on Tuesday 13th December 2016

5 Ways to Check if Your Pipes Are Damaged Image
Detecting damaged pipes in an early stage is crucial to prevent further damage to your property, more costly repairs and expensive water bills. Being aware of the ways to check if your pipes are damaged will help you realize it when you have a problem, so that you can get help from a plumber in London as soon as possible.

1.    Leaky pipes in London 

Not all pipe leaks are easily noticeable, especially when they are small. Even so, they can cause major damage further down the line if they are not fixed in time. There are different leak detection tests that can be effectuated to establish whether the leaks exist on your property. Careful leak checks will definitely save you a lot of water and money and avoid further damage to your home. Our plumbers in London can provide further information on what these checks can consist of.

2.    Corrosion

When the pipe tubing displays flaking or dimpling, this means in most of the cases that there is a substantial corrosion which is taking place, imposing the replacement of the pipe. Moreover, if the water shows a high acid content, this could greatly corrode the tubing. At the same time, if pipes made of copper are idle for a long period of time, this could cause the same issue.

3.    Expensive water bill

If your water bill is expensive, it is a great indicator that your pipes are damaged. If that is the case, it is likely that the problem is more than just a running toilet. In our London plumbing professionals’ experience, it is most probable that your pipes have issues. We recommend you contact a plumber to inspect your pipes at once in order to detect the problem and save you the money.

4.    Noisy pipes

Generally, noisy pipes are a sign that they might be damaged. There could be whistling noises, which can be caused by a dented pile, bubbling ones, which could indicate a broken pipe, and banging or clanking sounds, which may happen when the pipes bump into each other. Again, it is recommended to ask a plumber in London to verify your pipes if you hear any of these noises.

5.    Discoloring or staining

If you look under the sink and you observe stains, or if you notice any discoloring on your walls, this could be a sign that your pipes might be damaged. In certain cases, after the plumber has inspected and repaired the leaky pipe, you might have to reconstruct the drywall the plumber would be obliged to tear in order to effectuate the fixing. 

For other ways to verify if your pipes are damaged, as well as for any pipe repairs, please get in touch with our plumbers in London
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