5 Creative Bathtub Designs

Updated on Thursday 20th April 2017

5 Creative Bathtub Designs Image
The bathtub is the centerpiece of a bathroom. It’s a place of relaxation and where you can disconnect for a few moments of bubbly peace. The type of bathtub you choose should be integrated with the general décor of the bathroom. Although the bathtub will take up more space, there are plenty of creative bathtub designs to choose from and adapt to fit your own home. Once you choose the one that suits your design, you can call a team of plumbers in London to take care of the installation. 

The hammock bathtub

A bathtub shaped like a hammock can be a great, creative solution for a small bathroom. It will fit beautifully in a narrow space and will create an unexpected sense of dimension because it floats, supported by the walls.  This is a good option for a centre-placed bathtub. The plumbing services in London needed to install this type of tub can be covered by our team of experts.










The stone bathtub

Stone bathtubs can be used together with stone sinks to create a complete, grounded, natural and yet somewhat intriguing bathroom design. These tubs can be a mark of uniqueness as two of them will never quite be the same: the stone has its own lines and shades. If you are more of a wood lover, the stone can be replaced with wood for a beautiful wood-themed bathroom. 











The egg-shaped bathtub 

A bathtub with the shape of an egg can give you a new sense of shape and space, especially if placed in the middle of the bathroom. Its simple design is enough for it to become the central piece in your bathroom.











The shoe bathtub 

A bathtub for your inner shoe lover? It’s possible with this high-heel shaped and luxurious bathtub. The Italian manufacturer didn’t skip the glamorous details and you can have a shoe-shaped bathtub according to your design preferences. A team of plumbers in London can help you with the piping work needed to install this bathtub.










The overflow bathtub

A truly contemporary and unique design, this overflow bathtub from German manufacturer Käsch gives you the impression that you will sink into a natural waterhole. Meditative and stimulating at the same time, this creative bathtub can transform the bath time experience.









Choosing the perfect bathtub will always be an easier task than installing it. Get in touch with our plumbers in London for complete services related to bathtub and sink installationOur team is also able to help you with complete repiping and repair works, water heater installation and many others. You can contact us for more information about our services.

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