3 Tips for Selecting a Jetted Bathtub

Updated on Thursday 10th August 2017

3 Tips for Selecting a Jetted Bathtub Image
Relaxing into the warm, perfumed water after an entire day of work in the office, feeling the massage of the jet covering your tense body and having it all at once in your own bath… a jetted bathtub sounds like a dream come true. However, how to choose it? In this article, our plumber in London has put together three tips for selecting a jetted bathtub which will help you make the right decision.

1. Think about the water supply in London

An important aspect to consider when choosing a jetted bathtub is whether your water heater can provide plenty of water to fill it up.
Generally, a tub is full at around 65% mark. A medium to small size tub can hold 60 gallons (around 227 liters) of water, therefore it is full at 39 gallons (147 liters).
After the tub is full, the water heater will have to recover, which might imply no hot water for the other persons in the house for some time.
In case this might worry you, our plumbers in London recommend you to acquire a tankless water heater only for the jetted bathtub, which will ensure everyone has access to hot water at any time and it will maintain the water heater of the property available for everything else.

2. Take the right measurements in London

Another important tip for selecting a jetted bathtub from our plumber in London is to ensure you take the right measurements of the bathroom before even looking for the jetted tub.
You could gain some space if you decide to divide walls or showers. The majority of these tubs come in three sizes, though, which are five, five and a half and six feet (1.5, 1.6 and 1.8 meters).
However, the entire tub will take up more space, adding at least another 1.27 centimeters to the measurements on all sides, because they are all designed to be dropped on a deck.
Remember, if you want to also have other things like candles and oils near you, there will be a need for even more space. 

3. Think about the maintenance

When choosing a jetted bathtub, our London plumbing professionals advise you to think about the maintenance it will require.
Since this type of tubs are used with oils and bubbles, they can get inside the tub, gumming them up as the time passes by.
Any kind of jetted bathtub will have to be cleaned regularly and maintained in order not to get damaged. 
If you would like to know more about choosing the right whirlpool bathtub, or for any plumbing services in London, we invite you to speak to our friendly staff. 
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