10 Types of Kitchen Faucets

Updated on Thursday 15th June 2017

10 Types of Kitchen Faucets Image The style of your kitchen can reflect not only on the type of furniture, décor or sink you chose but also in the faucet. The ultimate goal when choosing a new kitchen faucet is functionality. Choosing the one that is right for you will complete your kitchen. Our plumbers in London describe ten types of kitchen faucets. 

1. One handle faucet

The one handle faucet operates both the hot and cold water and offers a more modern look. The lever can be positioned on the faucet or next to it. 

2. Two handle faucet

The classic two-handle faucet look can be translated into our modern times. Those who prefer to control their water flow and temperature separately can choose this model.

3. Widespread two handled faucets

A version of the two handle faucet, this two allows for individual water control and the handles will be positioned separately from one another, rather than in a center set. 

4. Hands-free faucet

This faucet can be handy at times, especially for those who have their hands full, literally. A simple motion detector will deliver the water when needed.

5. Wall mount kitchen faucet

These are mounted above the kitchen sink, rather than integrated within it. An advantage is that you can easily clean around the sink, however, a plumber in London can help you with the additional plumbing work needed to install them.

6. Kitchen faucet with water filter

Essentially an accessory to the one handle or two handle kitchen faucet, the water filter can be a necessity in some homes.

7. Commercial kitchen faucet

Oversized and professional looking, these faucets can become an eye catcher in your kitchen. They are higher than regular faucets and they usually have a multi-option spray head, along with a long hose.

8. Pull-out kitchen faucet

The spray want can be pulled out and used for various purposes like for filing or cleaning large pots. You can also gain maximum reach around the sink.

9. Pull-down kitchen faucet

The pull-down faucet is similar to the one that is pulled out, however, they are more suited for deep sinks.

10. Side spray kitchen faucet

The side spray is separate from the faucet itself and is an alternative to the pull-out/pull-down faucets, especially if you have decided that you need this accessory after you’ve installed the faucet. This is added to an extra sink hole.

You can contact our plumbers in London if you need help installing any type of kitchen faucet or for more extensive kitchen or bathroom repair works.

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