Basic Plumbing Tools: Tongue-and-Groove Pliers

Updated on Saturday 25th July 2020

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Basic Plumbing Tools: Tongue-and-Groove Pliers Image
Tongue-and-groove pliers, also named adjustable pliers or grove-joint pliers, are a type of slip-joint pliers which are manufactured with a tongue and a groove adjustment design, having a wide range capacity. In this article, our plumber in London would like to present you this basic plumbing tool and its uses.

Description of the tongue-and-groove pliers used by plumbers near me

The tongue-and-groove pliers used by our plumbers in London are manufactured by numerous suppliers. The tongue and groove adjustment design enables this type of plumbing tool to have a various jaw capacity at every groove.

These type of pliers are generally manufactured in sizes which vary from 4.5 in (11.43 cm) to 16 in (40.64 cm) in length and usually they are utilized by electricians, local plumbers and mechanics. 

Due to their design, these tools are extremely adjustable, being able to grip around virtually any object, be it a square, flat or round one. Also, they can hold an item without damaging it. This is definitely a tool that should not be missing from any plumbing professional’s kit.

Important aspects to consider when using this plumbing tool in London

When using the tongue-and-groove pliers, a plumber in London should be aware of the following aspects:

•     There are different pliers for different scopes: tongue-and-groove pliers are mainly used by plumbers in London on supply lines, drain lines and assorted bolts and nuts;
•    Safety matters: when utilizing any plumbing tool, it is advisable to wear safety glasses to protect the eyes. The length of the handles should never be extended to ensure greater leverage – instead, it is recommended to utilize larger pliers. The pliers have to be inspected, cleaned and oiled accordingly;
•    Pliers are used for gripping or cutting by utilizing leverage. Do not mistake them for wrenches, which are single-handled tools. Therefore, tongue-and-groove pliers are used to turn, pull, grip or cut different objects and require dexterity. 

Our local plumbers know how important modern plumbing tools and accessories are in order to get the job done rapidly and correctly. If you have any plumbing issues in your property, we invite you to get in touch with our emergency plumber in London.
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