Basement Plumbing Tips in London

Updated on Monday 27th July 2020

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The basement is an important space which ensures the safety and consolidation of a house, therefore its plumbing maintenance should not be overlooked. Here are a few basement plumbing tips in London which our plumbers in London feel are important to follow.

1. Check for sweating pipes in your London basement

In case you observe any condensation on the pipes, this could lead to a moist which could favor the appearance of mold in your basement.
Our plumber in London can easily solve this issue by adding foam-pipe installation around the condensed pipes. 

2. Verify the water meter

Verify the water meter while there is no water usage in your home. Write down the water meter reading and verify it eight to ten hours later. 
In case the meter reading has changed, this could indicate that you have a water leak somewhere, which should be fixed immediately by our local plumbers.

3. The sump pump in your basement in London

An important basement plumbing tip in London is to inspect the sump pump in your basement every three to five years.
From time to time, our plumbers in London advise you to test the sump pump regularly by pouring a bucket of water inside the sump pit.
In case it is functioning correctly, it has to turn on, eliminate the water from the pit and turn off again, in only a few seconds.
If this does not happen, it is time for our emergency plumber in London to take a look at it.

4. How can plumbers near me eliminate any clogged drains?

A lot of basements have floor drains which eliminate the wastewater from the washing machine, air conditioners and other appliances.
These drains can sometimes get clogged. Clean them on a regular basis in order to avoid this from happening.

5. Verify the septic tank with the help of our emergency plumber in London

Have your septic tank checked on a regular basis. This should happen at least once at every three years. Additionally, to ensure that the sewer gas does not back up in the septic tank drain, pour a bucket of water into the drain trap once at a few months.
If you would like to know more basement plumbing maintenance tips in London, or if you need any plumbing services done in your London property, please speak to our friendly team of local plumbers.
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